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Proficient Facility Management Services

Housing and institutional management services are now more needed than ever before due to the global outbreak of COVID-19. Personal spaces can be a growing area for the spread of the epidemic. Therefore, we provide our clients with the most secure and safe housing services. To protect your work environment from any infection, contact us.

housekeeping services in chandigarh


We provide corporate housing office services, Office campus, Industries, IT management, Institutes and Complex areas with state-of-the-art and professional housing maintenance people to work efficiently. Not surprisingly, we are the leading facility management provider company in India. The services we provide are unmatched by any other Indian facility management provider company. Our staff is very well trained and can do their job of all sizes.

security guard services in Chandigarh

Security Guard

We are committed to providing the best security services in your city with a strong 24X7 operational team. We have become the largest organization providing the best security services in your locality. The aim was to create a Security Agency based out in multiple cities that offers premium quality security to top customers.

cook service provider in Chandigarh


We are also able to provide cooking services to our customers based out in multiple cities. The cooks we have provided are well trained and experienced in cooking a variety of dishes. Our chefs understand the type of customer taste and appropriately cook the food. They maintain good hygiene when preparing food. These chefs learn how to cook several dishes, including vegetables and non-vegetarian.

gardener mali services in Chandigarh

Gardener (Mali)

Discover the best gardeners around you with us today! These gardeners with years of experience are highly efficient in their work. They work as per your guidelines without making any arguments. Get the best, hire the best, today! Home Gardens Enhance your home garden by providing professional services Farm Repairs Discover our "go organic" programs for a more sustainable life. RWA Use our IPM (integrated pest management) and go-organic systems Commercial Let us help you build a better workplace

baby care nanny services in Chandigarh

Child Care Worker

It requires patience, perseverance, and good communication skills to manage a child care worker's responsibilities. Child care workers look after children as a responsibility to parents and families. The duties of child care workers depend on the age of the child. They provide necessities such as feeding, changing diapers, setting a familiar bedtime routine for infants, and introducing concepts such as sharing and playing games. Child care workers use storytelling and handicrafts to help prepare preschool-age children.

patient care taker services in Chandigarh

Patient Care Worker

A health care professional brings care and services to patients directly, such as doctors and nurses, or indirectly as assistants, assistants, laboratory specialists, or even medical waste managers. The range of home health care services a patient can receive at home is unlimited. Depending on each patient's condition, care can range from nurse care to specialized medical services, such as laboratory equipment.

maid services in Chandigarh


Hire a housemaid to take care of all your daily chores. She may be responsible for sweeping and cleaning the house, dusting, washing clothes, cooking, babysitting, and various other tasks.

Driver Service Agency in Chandigarh


We are a high-quality driving company in various cities that provides comprehensive, integrated services in Mumbai and other cities for a Temporary Driver, Permanent Driver, and Contract base driver in a given time. Our driver Service operates recruitment principals with a unique approach that minimizes Client risk.

Peon Placement Services in Chandigarh


Get assured with the best peon services with us, We have a qualified people with prior experience, so it will ensure the smooth work when you hire them. They work faster and higher productivity with minimal management. They are self-motivated people and give the best results.

Watchman Services in Chandigarh

Watch Man

Having a watchman below the building is today's need. Don't worry; we help you with a watchman who understands your native language, providing the best work from his end by working to the highest effectiveness by giving zero reasons for complaints.

House Staff

Hire the house staff for your house today! Our house staff services will leave you with no complaints and a higher level of satisfaction. They are all well-versed with their tasks and responsibilities. They are sincere, decent, and highly cooperative people to work with!

Waiter Services in Chandigarh


Stop your wait by hiring the best and qualified waiters from us! Waiters have been specially trained by us to manage the serving and handling responsibilities. We also make them presentable before showcasing them in front of you. They are the best-learned people with prior customer handling skills, along with learning the art of patience.

Receptionist Services in Chandigarh

Office Receptionist

We have beautiful females and smart males to take care of your receptionist needs. We groom them to make them professional with the skills of managing the staff visiting their bench. We almost provide them with all the necessary customer queries and how to tackle them. Hire the well-groomed Office Receptionist professionals today!

Room Boy Attendant Service in Chandigarh

Room Boy

Hire a room boy today to take care of your general needs. Get your work done with ease, no hassle-bustle! Get full support from us. We train him on your behalf so that he is ready from day-1 for the future tasks given to him.

Gallery Labor-force Services

Get amused and contended by the way our team of professional helpers work. Find the relevant images below that will help you to make the right choice, indeed!

Success Stories

We are a long legacy of providing the best and trustworthy services to our clients! Below success stories makes us proud of what we do motivating us to be the best in this industry with no loopholes!

I’m a first year student of BA. Availing the services of GENIUS THORNTON MANPOWER has given me a tremendous amount of satisfaction. If you are looking out for something next to perfect, with the proper management, I think, then your search ends at GENIUS THORNTON MANPOWER.


They have a qualified team of best workers doing their work with the full potential and enthusiasm, especially during this pandemic; it has been full support from their end, whether its best cleaning service or customer support. I’m studying BS, I recommend their services. You will not regret in the end choosing them!


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