Baby Care Nanny Services in Chandigarh

Baby Care Services Chandigarh

Being a parent, choosing to care for your child when you are away is the most critical decision you will ever make, and we fully understand that. Geniusthornton is here to simplify that decision and help you hire the right caregiver for your child. Whether it is the caregiver of your newborn baby or the caregiver of your growing baby, we can help you with your need. A caregiver is perfect not only when he or she is caring but also when they are directly at home with your family. With our knowledge of helping hundreds of families find the right caregiver for their families, we are confident we will give you the right choice to hire.

We solve the problem every working parent faces

You are probably a professional with job responsibilities that cannot be set aside. You also want to raise your child with the utmost care. Often people get caught up in the dilemma of choosing a career or child care and often want both. That’s when a good babysitter comes to the picture that makes both career and child care happen.

We meet the needs every parent wants from a child caregiver

  • He should be patient and kind at all times.
  • He must be clean
  • He should lovingly care for the child.
  • He should not work in a hurry.

When a child or caregiver meets the above criteria, you can trust that person and voluntarily give your child into their care. Geniusthornton understands parents’ concerns when transferring their child to a caregiver because child care and infant care are a sensitive task that requires ongoing attention and dedication. Here, we make sure you get the right kind of baby caregiver or babysitter that makes your life easier.

Why Rent with Geniusthornton

Our team listens carefully to your needs and gives you all the necessary details beforehand. Our reliable website of tested caregivers is something we are proud of, and whatever your need is, we are sure it will be the fastest platform in town to meet your requirement. Not just appointments, our responsive team is always on the lookout for help in case you need to replace or assist with any hiring issues.

Tips for hiring the best caregiver

From our experience, we share the tips below to help hire & retain good caregivers. As you should realize now, good caregivers are always hard to find and maintain.


After your favorite keeper joins your home, treat her well, especially for the first two weeks.


There may be times when a candidate agrees to be physically present and refuses to attend. We would like to inform you that you have reserved at least one candidate as a backup during the telephone interview to withstand the candidate without delay.

baby care nanny services in Chandigarh