Housekeeping Services in Chandigarh

Housekeeping Services Chandigarh

Geniusthornton provide corporate housing office services, Office campus, Industries, IT Industries, Institutes and Complex areas with state-of-the-art and professional housing maintenance people to work efficiently. Not surprisingly, we are the leading housekeeping company serving all the parts of Chandigarh, India. The services we provide are unmatched by any other Indian housekeeping company. Our staff is very well trained and can do their job of all sizes.

Housing maintenance these days has gained popularity. Today, home maintenance is more than just a backyard. Modern housekeepers serve as a healthy voice for property. Housing maintenance today requires skilled technologies, which are superior results. “The withdrawal proves to be more expensive, making the business idea better”. There is no need to hire full-time housekeepers to meet your needs. All you have to do is outsource all your home maintenance activities to India’s leading housekeeping company, Geniusthornton. We have training and technology that will give you the best housekeeping experience in India and provide you with economical housekeeping services in Chandigarh, India.

Our Housekeeping Services is maintained with all cleaning and hygiene items used such as hand washing soap, phenyl, urine cubes, room spray, Glass cleaner, brass and silver polish, oil detergent, brooms, cleaning cloths, mop stick, cotton waste, knee cloth, glass cloth, brushes, ordinal and other cleaning supplies. Housekeeping services can be done as a single cleaning, monthly cleaning, or daily cleaning on an annual contract.

Our House keeping services are usually provided, if necessary, with the help of the following equipment:

  • Industrial Wet and dry cleaning houses
  • Grounders
  • Modern Floor cleaners
  • One disc for speed/heat/polishing equipment
  • Carpet cleaner injection molding machines
  • Foam carpet machine
  • Commercial system steam cleaners
  • Commercial Water Purification System Glass Cleaning / Window Cleaning Equipment

Why Does Someone choose Housekeeping Services from Geniusthornton?

Maintenance services or to say professional housing services are required in all office areas. You can have a friendly office, but it will always be nice until someone takes care of it. Hiring an office assistant and a local security guard will not merely be done. These people are merchants and not professionals. They are not trained to manage company operations. Imagine coming to your office and finding dirty toilets simply because someone kept you in a private bathroom at work. Hence, to avoid all the unwanted conditions, get the housekeeping services from us!

Specialist Cleaning Services and maintenance-related services in the latest facilities include housekeeping management, hygiene planning, inspection, inspection, and reporting. Corporate housekeeping services, Office campus, Industries, IT Industries, Institutes, and Commercial Complex with the latest trends and well-trained housing agents who have a good job. We offer the most to our customers. We hope to be the best service provider in India and have a similar proven track record.

housekeeping services in chandigarh