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patient care taker services in Chandigarh

In today’s fast-paced life, family ties, tasks, and reliable applications make it difficult for a person to care for their loved ones with some recovery after surgery, chronic pain, and more. And you can’t leave your job or your loving old parents or grandparents.

Patients are called patients for a reason. They need full care and support to recover soon from the injury or any pain they are going through. We, at Geniusthornton, takes care of it like a baby. It’s our topmost priority to provide you with the best care and love!

If you live in Chandigarh, the best solution with such conditions is to find a reliable patient caregiver in Chandigarh.

Don not worry; we are there to help you! With Geniusthornton, get the most proficient patient care taker services with the full satisfaction.

You can expect the following services and help from us.

  • Our caregivers are well trained in providing all kinds of in-house care services.
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  • Trust Care 24/7 Attendance Services
  • Our assistants are certified caregivers and can assist with patient mobility, hygiene, nutrition, exercise, and other nursing care –
  • Oral Hygiene and Sleep Bath / Sponge
  • Patient room hygiene
  • Nutrition and toilet assistance
  • Help with exercise to get home and residential area when needed.
  • Turn position on the bed frame
  • Friendly and respectful conversations
  • On the spot help
  • Full of patience and proper care

There are times when ongoing care and attention is needed in the home of your loved ones. There are several situations where you need to help at home to care for the daily needs of your aging parents or a loved one with a chronic illness; this is where having a home-based health care provider can be very helpful.

Patient Caregiver in Chandigarh

We teach our non-medical assistants to empathize with the patient’s condition and address their needs. Not only do they help the patient with mobility, personal care, going to the toilet, and food, but our sick patients at home also act as their friends. Having a home-based Geniusthornton’s health care provider also means that you get support services such as washing dishes, washing a patient’s clothes, maintaining a patient’s room and furniture according to individual needs.

Patient Care Taker Services

Caring for the elderly or recovering from a debilitating illness is not an easy task. We take special care to ensure that your loved one is comfortable with the home patient staff provided by us through a data-driven process to match your needs and caregiver skills. You get a non-medical worker who deserves the person you love. In the unlikely event that the caregiver assigned to you does not meet your needs, we will try to find a replacement until it fits well.