Receptionist Services in Chandigarh

Receptionist in Chandigarh

Geniusthornton helps you with a recipient (sometimes referred to as an administrative assistant) who performs various administrative functions, including answering calls and providing information to the public and customers. Geniusthornton trains its receptionists in creating a positive image of the organization, which can affect the organization’s success.

Geniusthornton’s receptionists are trained in the following:

  • Answer, screen, and forward calls
  • Greet the customers who visit you and accompany them to other places
  • Contribute to office security by helping to monitor visitor access
  • Receive or send information or documents using a computer, post, or fax machine
  • Perform other administrative support functions, such as keeping appointment calendars
  • Copy, file, and save documents and records
  • Collect, organize, distribute, and prepare for mail delivery
  • Review and prepare travel discounts or other documents

But, don’t worry, our receptionists are job ready in serving all the above industries.

What is a Receptionist's job like?

While receptionists work in almost every industry, many focus on health care and social assistance, including doctors’ offices, hospitals, and nursing homes. Receptionists who greet customers and guests often work in the most visible, clean, well-lit, and relatively quiet places. Most work in an office space.

The work done by some recipients can be tedious, repetitive, and stressful as they can spend the whole day answering continuously making calls and sometimes encountering difficult or angry drivers. Some receptionists, including those working in hospitals and nursing homes, may have to work evenings and weekends.

Geniusthornton’s receptionists are well groomed in using telephones, computers, and other electronic devices. In addition to the widespread use of voicemail or other automated programs, many recipients still receive messages and notify other employees of public or customer attendance or cancellation of appointments. When they are not busy, receptionists are expected to assist other administrative staff by performing various office tasks.

Receptionist Services in Chandigarh

Is it worth hiring with Geniusthornton?

Geniusthornton’s receptionists have a different personality. They tend to be ordinary people, which means they have a conscience, and they keep it. They are sensible, efficient, and organized. Some of them are also amazing, which means they love, want position, are confident, strong, energetic, enthusiastic, secure, and optimistic. We make sure they perform their tasks well.

Does this sound like you? Talk to us and get the best receptionist today!