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Genius Thornton is a security guard service based in Chandigarh. We have a respectable place in the market to offer the best security gurad safety benefits in Chandigarh. We encourage you with all kinds of security management like Bouncers, Women’s Safety Guards, industrial security assistance, and so on. All major MNCs, BPOs, Commercial Hubs, Real Estate sites, and residential areas are under our customer list. You can also register us with shopping malls, ATMs, banks, emergency clinics, individual firms, events, etc.

Genius Thornton’s security guards are highly trained to deal with any security situation. Whether the masses are in control or the case is being handled in a threatening manner, our skilled security guards are always ready to handle the situation.

At Genius Thornton, we make sure security guard services aren’t giving you any reason for complaints later. We strive to work hard to train our security guards to be of superior quality compared to other security guards and perform their duty well!

Also, they are armed with the latest technology safety devices that they use in critical cases. We have a team of skilled workers who can use all kinds of modern tools installed. All of our security guards know self-defense strategies that are considered an integral part of the security service.

Best Security Guard Agency in Chandigarh

Geniusthornton, India is committed to providing the best security services in the Punjab capital, Chandigarh with a strong 24X7 operational team, designed just for you. Our team’s most experienced and trained managers have developed a pre-defined plan to win any customer campaign. They always have a strategy to solve any problem without panic.

We aim to provide a safe environment for our customers. Each security guard of our team is guided by all the necessary details to create a systematic way of placing customer safety. Our team is also trained to investigate any suspect and assist in interpreting the client’s case. We also provide dog trainers, who can perform various tasks such as guarding, finding criminals, finding suspicious objects, etc. We have a strong team with extensive experience ready to meet all the needs of our clients.

Over the past few years, we have become the largest organization providing Best Security Agency in Chandigarh. Our team includes about 50+ employees who are dedicated to working for your protection at all times. Our security system leads the market with satisfying services and packages. We now operate from Chandigarh in different locations. We ensure the safety of our customers by caring for firms and individuals in the best possible way. Our sole aim is to protect our customers from all their problems and bring relief to their lives.

Security Guard Company in Chandigarh

security guard services in Chandigarh

Genius Thornton is providing Security Guard Services in multiples cities, priorly in Chandigarh. Still, we believe in identifying the duties assigned to each security guard and helping them perform the best way to protect customers. We do not rely on just offering a day of work, but we are always working hard to incorporate customer safety measures.